Sports Medicine


Welcome to Rochester College Athletics,

In preparation for another competitive intercollegiate year I would like to take this opportunity to share some important information with you.   Below you will find some links to the mandatory forms that need to be filled out by each student athlete and their parents.  The first link will have forms for: emergency contact information, medical history, Physical exam form (to be filled out by physician), information release and consent to treat waiver, and athletic insurance waiver. The second link will be an athlete insurance sheet which will be filled out with the primary insurance policy that the athlete has. It is a Rochester College Policy that all student athletes carry a primary insurance policy. If a student athlete does not have a policy there are a couple options: They may purchase the 1st care plan through First Agency insurance company. The second option is that the athlete can purchase their own policy. If you are interested in the 1st care plan email Katie Merlo ATC k[email protected] for information and the application.  The third link is the assumption of risk form.  Each student athlete will have to fill out the forms from all three links below.  For walk- on tryouts and recruit visits student athletes will have to fill out the assumption of risk form in order to participate with the team.


Katie Merlo  

Medical Forms:
Assumption of Risk - Also completed by recruits practicing with athletic teams.